Sunday, October 3, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Saturday was my wonderful boyfriend's 24th birthday. So I went over to celebrate, and little Lilly was there! Is she not the most perfect thing you've ever seen?

Abby was also there, except she was very sad because her father is hunting in Ohio and she misses him. We sat by the fire all night. And then I made Jared go to Taco Bell so I could try a chicken flatbread sandwich. Please do yourself a favor and NEVER buy one. It was possibly the grossest thing I've ever consumed.

Here's the "Happy Birthday" performance/Jared being mad at me for taking a video.

I slept over, and then the next morning, which is today, which is Sunday...we went to Shawmut Diner for breakfast. My waffle was good but my home fries were not. This is Jared gasping at something rude I said and/or did, which is a constant occurrence in our relationship. PS- isn't he so cute in his new shirt that I bought him?

For unknown reasons, we needed to get slush puppies from somewhere, but they apparently don't exist so we had to settle for a slush thingy from Cumby's. ANYWAY, Cumby's = gas station = scratch tickets = my obsession = I had $4 = I bought 2 cashwords & won $5!

Then I went home and checked to see if the grades were posted from my English class. I saw this announcement and was like "Mmmm yup, I definitely bombed this assignment."

But then I clicked on the A papers and saw my name. And died. Because before I actually wrote the paragraph, I spent 2 hours writing about how I couldn't possibly write the paragraph because I really really didn't want to write it.

After dying, I took the most glorious nap. It was such a perfect nap day.

Then I went to work and was very excited to see that the calendar was flipped to October, which, as everybody knows, is the best month of the year.

After work I stopped by Kelli & Ed's to work out the hours/rates for babysitting little Izabelle. And then I went home and made the most delicious garlic bread I've ever tasted. Nomnomnomnom.

Time to watch Freakonomics and sleep forever. See ya!

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