Sunday, September 26, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

This morning I woke up at the crack of ass and vacuumed my car.

I did so in this atrocious combination, which I'm sure my neighbors truly admired. Aren't my green Tinkerbell pants beautiful?

Then Jared and I drove Alex and his girlfriend, Eliza, to the Cape. I almost killed all of us while taking this photo.

We got to the hotel early, so we hung around and got lunch at Molly's, which you can see pointed out in the background. Everyone got clam chowder except me because I don't do chowder. It was reportedly very delish. I ordered nachos and they were exceptionally repulsive. But let's not dwell on the negative.

There was also a gift shop where we discovered the creepiest toy ever.

Then Jared and I drove back home and stopped in Portsmouth to do a corn maze at Escobar's farm.

I don't think we did it correctly. But that doesn't matter, because look at Jared. Isn't he the most adorable and dashing thing you've ever seen?

They had these little signs scattered throughout the maze. We got most of them, but this one almost stumped us. Then my inner genius came to the rescue and I finally realized it was "hogwash."

There was a fancy bridge, where we plan to make our new home.

Me being ugly with a pumpkin patch.


Ok, I've tortured you enough. Time for sleeping. For I am an old lady at heart. And there are insane dreams to be had.


Jared said...

This was a really good one. <3

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