Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snapshot Sunday/Monday

I woke up Sunday morning and made everyone cinnamon waffles & home fries.

Then I caught up on Teen Mom. Amber is out of control.

I had to work, which ruined my entire life. My thumbs down was cut off. Woops.

On the bright side, the trees are starting to turn on my work route!

After I got out of work, I was excited to go home and squeeze Jared. But he surprised me and was waiting for me in the parking lot as soon as I got out. He brought me presents. Isn't he the cutest?

Then we slept and woke up and went to breakfast with Gina & CJ and it was really bad, so please never drive by "Simply Simon's" and think it's a good idea to eat there. ANYWAY, after breakfast we went to Phantom Farms and I made Jared stick his head in this thing.

The website makes it seem like it's this glorious field of pick your own apples & pumpkins, but it wasn't. There were approximately 2 trees and both were barren. There were, however, previously picked apples & pumpkins in the store. But they were $900/each, and I was SO MAD.

Appleless & pumpkinless, we went home. But we did buy apple cider, candy apples, chai lip balm, homemade oreo ice cream, and random goo sticks. We're still not entirely sure what the goo sticks are supposed to be (I just grabbed them because they looked pretty without reading the sign), but Jared has an elaborate theory that you're supposed to add them to sparkling water and make your own soda. We just sucked them straight out of the tube. Hopefully we don't die.

The apple cider was very very delicious.

Then we cuddled forever and played photoshoot.

I'm insane.

Dawwww. Aren't we sickening?

Then we went to Olive Garden even though we weren't hungry and had delicious breadsticks and died because we couldn't breathe or walk or live. And then we saw The Social Network which was not good at all, and I wish Waiting for Superman was playing around here because we totally would have seen that instead.

The end.


New England Bites said...

I just adore your blog. Read mine, and please note that I ate like a complete pig on my birthday. :)

New England Bites

Vanessa said...

hahah on the thumbs down to Amber from Teen Mom. What is it about that show? I seriously could watch if for hours, and yet: I'm not a mom and not a teen. Amber is the least likable of all the T.M.
And, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and found it somewhat helpful! I love hearing that. I'm just starting out with style blogging, but I've found I love it. It's an added perk that I get to meet cool people, too! (Oh, and I say just go for the tights with shorts! I was surprised at how non-terrible it turned out!)