Sunday, May 9, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

I had work in the morning, then went to my aunt's for Mother's Day/Amanda's birthday. Titi & Mema are cute.

The babies were entertaining as always. "Ashley, how does Jared grow a mustache? He's just a teenager!"

Amanda's delicioussss donut cake. I must have one for my birthday.

This is me creeping on Zach. He's the CUTEST thing of all time. And also extremely hilarious.

My obnoxiously loud family's rendition of Happy Birthday. Look at Zach's hug at the end! IT MAKES ME MELT. I need to kidnap him.

After the party, I watched 19 Kids & Counting and waited 900 hours for Jared to stop flossing his teeth and eating strawberry shortcake just so he could come blow in my mouth to see if it would sound like blowing into a bottle. -_-

PS- there has never been a more accurate description of our relationship than the one above.

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