Sunday, May 16, 2010

Snackshot Sunday

Time: Midnight. Scenario: Dying in bed, Jared expresses his hunger. We talk about Take 5's. And Taco Bell. We don't feel like moving, but the thought of grilled stuft burritos motivates us to get up and go. We were supposed to be babysitting my brother, but he was sleeping and we had more important things on our agenda. I was courteous enough to leave this note in the event my parents got home before us.

Then I made Jared drive because I was wearing green Tinkerbell pajama pants and I didn't want to order because that's embarrassing. He had difficulty backing out of my driveway because there are 9000 cones blocking it for unknown reasons.

Prior to this photo, we had panic attacks because we're freaks who are afraid of ordering things. Around this time, Jared also dubbed this post "Snackshot Sunday," which he thought was SO CLEVER.

Then we came home and watched Uncle Buck which is the greatest movie of all time and ate delicious/disgusting things and died and then Jared left and I got to inherit his warm spot only it wasn't that warm so I was really very disappointed.

I slept and woke up at 10, which Don thought was an acceptable time to bang on my door and ask DO YOU WANT BREAKFAST? He made chocolate chip pancakes and home fries and my plate had an extra spot so I filled it with pineapple. Only it was the kind in a can which is extremely nasty so I scraped it off my plate after I took the picture.

After breakfast, Gina and I decided to go shopping. I convinced her to stop at Dr. Doolittles so we could fawn over the pupperdoonis. This pup is the most adorable thing to ever exist and I tried to gnaw on him through the glass until an employee nearby raised her eyebrow at me.

Then we got Rita's. Gina got a vanilla/orange combo and I got mango. Mine was infinitely better.

Our main purpose for leaving the house was to buy Kristin (Jared's lovely sister) a gift for her baby shower. There were SO MANY BABIES, both inside and outside the womb. I loved all of them deeply, and it is imperative that I quit my job and work at Babies R Us ASAP.

This is my mother surveying the swings as I yell at Jared on the phone behind the lens. We ended up buying the swing anyway, because we felt bad only spending $60 on the basket set she wanted (which looked cheesy in person).

Then we got Chinese. I feel like every picture this week involves some type of heart-attack causing food. OH WELL.

The day ended with a horrifying shift at Stop & Shop, where customers were quite literally out of their minds, resulting in this reaction from Jess.

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