Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Approximately 4 days ago I decided that I had to give up blogging forever. Mainly because no one reads when I post, but also because I'm insane and I do insane things at least 9 times per day.

None of that matters, though. What matters is that I'm bored and I need to rant. Holy shit. The most DEPRESSING show I've ever seen is on TLC right now. It's 6 going on 60, and if you're alive right now, you must watch it.

In other news, I've been craving Chili's. Why do I love it so much? Do they drug the food? I'm certain they do, because it's never not been delicious. I went like 2 weeks ago and got the bacon ranch chicken quesadillas without the ranch. I'll post the photo below. Anyway, they were really bland. The beans were ok, and the rice tasted like a Christmas tree. As I was eating it, it was acceptable/kind of gross, yet in my mind, it was the most delicious thing and now I must have it.

I started summer classes yesterday. 2 classes, back to back with the same professor for 4 hours each morning. It's sheer torture. He's nice enough, but feels the need to talk for 2 hours straight without engaging the class EVER.

So now I'll leave you with random pictures I've taken during my absence.

Falsely delicious Chili's quesadillas.

Taylor being miserable at work. She loves me.

Pretty Sunset on the way to Mr. Lemon/the slums of Woonsocket.

L Rab & the 2 babes, inebriated in my back seat.

Two of the loveliest ladies- Jared's sister & mumsy.

Andddd after I attempted to leave the graduation party, Jared told me it was fine to back up except it wasn't because a fire hydrant was suddenly lodged in my bumper. This is Jared attempting to put it back on. He's lucky I find everything hilarious and that I love him.

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