Sunday, April 11, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

I made these adorable cupcakes in the morning, which everyone devoured in my absence, leaving none for me.

Then I went to work and stole this pen, which is the best thing in the world.

After work, my dad grilled cheeseburgers. This is my ketchup and lettuce sandwich, with a morsel of hamburger. Jared made fun of it, but it was delicious.

This is Jared mid-bite, laughing at me being a creeper.

These are our wedding rings (note Jared's freaky hand on the right).

Here we have Jared being a little too sassy for my liking.

And so, punishment was served via boob smothering. Unsurprisingly, he neglected to adjust his attitude. Some people just never learn.

Then we ventured downstairs, where I attempted to make Jared sit through a particularly riveting episode of 19 Kids & Counting...

however, he insisted upon playing some fucked up game with CJ (which revolves around murdering a stick figure). Then my mom stumbled in completely drunk, and screamed "OOOOOOOOOOOOH! JARED HAS HIS ARM AROUND YOU! HEHEEHEHEHEHE!"

And so, I leave you with this:


occasional reader :] said...

hilarious! i love your snapshot sundays :]

New England Bites said...

OMG ... your blog is killing me. Here are some things I love about it thus far (damn boss interrupted my non work-related Web surfing).

- I love that you seem to be obsessed with your boyfriend's cute face.

- I love Snapshot Sundays.

- I love how you have this inside joke with a gay friend about a cream packet. I have one, too. What are the odds? Here's mine: While on a training excursion for work, I picked up a random packet of cream off of the floor. I put it in my pocket and forgot about it. In the middle of training HOURS later, I reached into my pocket and pulled it out. He saw it, and we both started laughing. I LOVE GAY FRIENDS! They totally "get it".

- I love that you barely had any meat in your hamburger. I have this love/mostly hate relationship with ground beef.

- I love Dunkaroos.

So yeah ... that's about it so far. I'll be reading more later on since I have no desire to do anything productive at work today. I'm so glad that you enjoy our site. I can't wait to read more of yours!

New England Bites