Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

I knew this day was going to be terrible from the moment I peered outside. It was rainy. And by rainy, I mean wormy.

It was obviously imperative that I break out the worm boots immediately. I had to get gas, you see, or else I would be unable to make it to work. Unfortunately, I had no money in my checking account, so I had to take money out of my savings. And since I'm terrified of going inside the gas station to ask if they could please put $20 on pump 6, I forced CJ to come with me.

When I approached my car, I discovered that I had neglected to roll my windows up the night before. I thought I was going out, so I told myself I'd roll them up when I came home, but I ended up staying home and crying. Big mistake.

CJ was not exactly amused by this ordeal.

When I got to the ATM, I literally died laughing. Because this is my life. Luckily, I ignored the sign and withdrew regardless. The receipt didn't print out, but I was able to get the cash.

After work, I came home and had leftover stuffing and corn for dinner. :(

Then I went to Anthony's dorm to work on my paper.

And to find him a fat girlfriend. As for the paper? I have half a sentence completed. Beautiful.

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