Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snapshot Sunday

Last night, I picked Ian up from the train station. We went to Tortilla Flats and I ordered this bbq chicken & sweet potato quesadilla. It was literally the most delicious thing I've ever tasted in my whole life. You won't understand until you go there right now and eat it yourself.

Then we went back to my house and passed out. This is Ian waking up right before going back to sleep for another 2 hours. -__-

When he finally woke up, I made banana pancakes topped with nutella and more bananas. And also garlicky home fries with chives. So good.

After breakfast, we went to Tina's to see her apartment/cat. I'm not a big fan of cats (I'm also allergic), but this one was really cute.

Then we went downtown.

I really wanted a picture hanging from this clock, but Ian refused because it was essentially what we have here is a poor imitation.

We went to Craftland, which is an adorable store/art space full of adorable/overpriced trinkets.

Ian's new deef.

Then we tried to go to Julian's but it was super busy, so we ended up at Little Chopsticks.

And it was delicious, even if there was an unidentifiable hair in my lo mein.

Then I went to work and now I'm studying for my psych exam tomorrow. I've only been to the class 3 times all semester. Let us pray.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


This is not contrived, and if you think it is, I am deeply apologetic.

It's just that I put on this song and opened my windows. It smells like winter, where I lost much of my mind, but there is a hint of spring, too. If you look in my shoeboxes, you will find erasers and broken crayons. I don't know why I save them. Fear, I guess.

I stood up and started flailing my arms, circling around the room, unable to tell if I was laughing or crying. I could see my dreams flitting across my lavender walls. There are so many you don't know about.

I hope that my children will stand in the middle of a crowd. I hope that they do not feel out of place, and if they do, I hope they know it's OK. I hope there is music so loud there is no room for thought. I hope that the pavement vibrates. I hope that they can feel it shake under their feet.

Do you remember when we pulled cat masks over our faces and joined a group of strangers dancing around the city? There were so many people, and music followed us around in shopping carts piled high with speakers. We were protesting the war. I don't think anyone was listening, but it was beautiful.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Whenever I get sick, I get mucus in the back of my nose/throat. AND IT'S SO ANNOYING, because I feel fine otherwise. I'd rather feel nauseous. I think it might have something to do with the time I got swine flu and my tonsils swelled to the size of Africa. The swelling subsided after a while, but not completely. Now they're huge. And they make me snore.

In other news, I had really freaky Nyquil dreams last night. In one of them, my sea monkey escaped from its tank. Then I looked back in the tank and there was a bright red fish. A few seconds later, both the sea monkey AND the fish were out of the tank, and I was freaking out. I somehow managed to corner the fish on the side of the dishwasher, but then it touched my skin and I screamed. All of a sudden it turned into a bird and right as it was about to fly into my face, I woke up. I gasped and looked around my bed for a red bird, but it wasn't there. Dreams are so funny, because I know exactly why I had this dream: 1) Jared informed me yesterday that there are sea monkeys that are like sea monkeys, only they turn into little fish, and 2) I left the top part of my window (which doesn't have a screen) open all day, and for some reason, I was convinced that a bird flew into my room while I was gone and decided to hide under my bed.

Anyway, as of yesterday, Jared and I have been together for an entire year. Seeing as I was convinced I'd be alone forever/I've never dated anyone for more than 6 minutes, this is an accomplishment. We went out and celebrated Sunday since both of us had school/work Monday (even though neither of us ended up going...woops). He took me to Boston where we: walked around, looked at hemp stuff, played tic-tac-toe at Burger King, discovered that I'm obsessed with revolving doors, purchased a $16 headband, learned that Myla Goldberg is an actual person, froze, rode the same elevator 90 times, bought grapes at 7-11, ate delicious Indian food, and missed our movie so we could go home and have sex. Jared keeps apologizing that it wasn't "cute" enough, but I thought it was absolutely perfect and very "us."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I can't wait to spend Sunday with you. I feel like we haven't spent a lot of time together lately, and I miss you so much.

I'm looking at all these pictures of us--the time we went to Sonic, the zoo, random nights spent in bed. We look so happy.

I hope you're still happy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I had such strange dreams last night.

I was in this alternate reality (it resembles one I dreamt about a while ago). It was this wide stretch of farmland, and everyone had to plant crops. I was alone. It was apparently the "big day," but it was nameless. We all had to stand by our small pieces of land and bring what we had grown up to whoever/whatever was judging us. I started walking to my plot, thinking "yours is number 173, don't forget." When I got there, I realized that I had planted my seeds, but nothing ever grew. I felt helpless. I turned to the woman next to me and showed her what my land had produced--these strange purple and black mushrooms. She smiled at me sadly and said "those will not do...I'm sorry." I knew then that I would be sent "elsewhere," which meant execution. I walked past all the plots, which was forbidden, and I stood there waiting to die. Clouds starting rolling in--clouds like cotton candy, purple and pink and blue, clouds like all the fantasies you create as a little girl--and not even they could bring me joy. I don't know what happened next.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I don't know what happened...but Don has evolved from a rock to the most intelligent, emotionally perceptive genius.

Gina has been flipping out since 4PM about god knows WHAT--CJ's hair is greasy, the fridge smells, the TV turns off whenever she picks up the phone, the sky is blue--and I've been locked in my room ever since.

So then she screams "ARE YOU COMING TO THE SCIENCE FAIR?" and I reply "NO!" There's a slight pause, then "WHY NOT?!" Don peeks his head in my room and rolls his eyes, then shouts "PROBABLY BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU ALL NIGHT!"

Hit the nail on the head with that one, Don. It seems like only yesterday you were mistaking black dogs for polar bears.