Friday, January 22, 2010


I remodel my room approximately 4 times per year. I'm not sure why I thought this barn shade of red was a good idea, or why it made sense to install faulty imitation hardwood instead of a carpet. All I know is that it USED to be hideous, but now it's quite pretty. The flash makes the shade of purple seem brighter than it actually is. I still need to hang up some artwork and branches I bought from Urban, but I'm pretty much done! I kind of want to put a bookcase near the bed, but I think it might be too crowded. We'll see.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dull and witless

Whenever I listen, I remember the trips to Newport- the bridges and roads that became more familiar each time. Your hair was red and your eyes were blue and your hands were awkward and you never finished your thoughts and your sheets were always dirty. We'd lay in bed for hours, not saying anything, and sometimes you'd turn to me and smile. There was something incredibly beautiful about the disaster our agony created. I'd bring you to work in the morning so you wouldn't have to take the bus and I'd play this song and the sun was just waking up and the air was bloated with autumn. I didn't realize it then, but you never tried to drown the music with your own voice.

I loved you as much as a girl who didn't love herself could.

I often wonder if you're OK, and I hope that you are.