Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Down we go away

For a little less than 10k a year & 4 excruciating hours of aesthetics per week, you too can become a master of nonsense, reflection, and notebook doodles.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's just that...

everything I try to do, nothing seems to turn out right.

A test administered by no one at all,
and I failed.

I just wish that I didn't feel the things I do so strongly. I wish that there weren't all of these unspoken guidelines. I wish that I could be pretty. I wish that my best friend loved me the way I love him. I wish I had someone I could talk to about these things. I wish Ian would come back home. I wish I wasn't crazy. I wish I knew how to handle liking someone so much, but it's never happened before. I wish that you still cared enough to visit me at ungodly hours. Was I so different then? I wish I could start over.

I would have done it all differently, you know.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

I knew this day was going to be terrible from the moment I peered outside. It was rainy. And by rainy, I mean wormy.

It was obviously imperative that I break out the worm boots immediately. I had to get gas, you see, or else I would be unable to make it to work. Unfortunately, I had no money in my checking account, so I had to take money out of my savings. And since I'm terrified of going inside the gas station to ask if they could please put $20 on pump 6, I forced CJ to come with me.

When I approached my car, I discovered that I had neglected to roll my windows up the night before. I thought I was going out, so I told myself I'd roll them up when I came home, but I ended up staying home and crying. Big mistake.

CJ was not exactly amused by this ordeal.

When I got to the ATM, I literally died laughing. Because this is my life. Luckily, I ignored the sign and withdrew regardless. The receipt didn't print out, but I was able to get the cash.

After work, I came home and had leftover stuffing and corn for dinner. :(

Then I went to Anthony's dorm to work on my paper.

And to find him a fat girlfriend. As for the paper? I have half a sentence completed. Beautiful.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


When I woke this morning, I realized how wildly enamored I am with this season. Words cannot express how positively lovely the New England fall is.

Apples. And sweaters. And pumpkins. And hay rides. And corn mazes. Red, orange, yellow. I could just die!

I've never encountered someone like you. Whenever I meet someone new, I constantly wonder if there is someone better. That thought has not once crossed my mind this time. It's just that you make me laugh and you know where Venus is and you say "nice" and you put my armrest up when I'm not looking and you know that I like Sprite and your armpit smells fabulous. And it's just that I feel like I'm not pretty enough or smart enough or interesting enough or logical enough and I worry too much and I'm annoying and awkward and insecure. I'm terrified that I'm going about this all wrong. I'm unsure of what you want, but I could never bring myself to ask you.

Questions, I'm full of them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

As I attempted to photograph my delicious home fries, Max decided it was best to pounce on them instead.

After breakfast, I helped CJ create an acronym for his science class homework.

Then I organized my desk drawer. It's full of supplies I have little use for, but they're so lovely to look at!

I desperately wanted to go back to bed, but I had to go to work.

So I did.

We finally found the tape for the nametag maker, so I made myself a few new ones.

I was bored, so I pulled out all of the 5 cent bottle return slips to illustrate that many people redeem them (and not just you, dear boy).

This activity was interrupted once I spotted my most favorite man ever. I had Cristina pretend I was photographing her while I zoomed in on him. He is the most divine man you will ever meet! We're making much progress in our relationship. He asked for my first name, and I asked for his. It's Armand. Perfect.

Later on in the evening, I organized the junk drawer. It was ungodly satisfying.

This is Cristina being adorable.

This is the man that made Cristina's heart stop beating. He didn't say goodbye to us, though, so her love for him diminished.

As our night came to an end, I balanced the lottery. It was even. Hooray!

Then I walked to my car, and creepily took a photo of it. I'm pretty sure the people in the car behind me were noting my odd behavior and cracking up.

The End.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lovely bones

I may or may not have a heart attack.

The Lovely Bones has been made into a movie.

It is such a stunning novel. Though films tend to pale in comparison to their written counterparts, this one appears to be delicious in its own right (especially the glimpse we get of Susie's heaven).

The release date is set for sometime in December. From what I gather, they're planning on the 11th, but I'm hoping they hold out just one more week. What a fabulous birthday present that would be! Now I just need to find someone to see it with...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Goals for the fall semester:
-Visit Stowe or Burlington/admire the gorgeous foliage
-Navigate my way through a haunted corn maze
-Pick apples
-Fall in love
-Wear sweaters
-Get accepted to FSEHD
-Join some sort of club
-See a psychologist
-Meet new friends
-Visit my grandparents more often
-Get arrested with Dylan Klegraefe

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paint it black

As you all know, I'm a freak. Every time I go to the bathroom, I look at the shower. And I see this:
And the first time I noticed it, I thought "Hm. That looks oddly sexy. I want to stare at it all day. If I ever get a house, I want everything to be black and white." And then today, in the shower, I reached for the shampoo and cracked up because it really does look sexy, and I'm nuts.

I also painted my toenails black. Every time I look at them, I get aroused. Feet generally gross me out, so I guess the color black must really do it for me. This is bothersome.

The only reasonable explanation is that I have some sort of obsessive issue. For instance, I have been listening to ONLY The Decemberists for the past 2 months. I can't stop. On the bright side, my shirt finally came in, and it's beautiful.

I'm also very fixated with the idea of my closet being organized, which is actually a good thing.

In conclusion, I am making an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow.
That is all.


It's very cloudy today.
I am feeling more disoriented than I ever have before.

My dreams grow more and more lucid.

"Not even the human
imagination satisfies
the endless emptiness of the soul."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had my first day of classes yesterday. I'd forgotten how much I missed school. My first class was aesthetics (Matt's in my class), and I made him come to campus a half hour early so I wouldn't have to walk in alone/in front of other people. He wasn't thrilled, but he conceded after I agreed to buy him lunch. We sat in awkward silence until the professor came in. I kept wanting to laugh, but I didn't. Our professor has the cutest accent, and he says the word "sex" as much as possible. Perfection.

After aesthetics, I plucked my eyebrows in the parking lot, which Matt didn't appreciate. I made him come to my English class with me, so he did. And then he left to go to his class. My English professor is quite possibly my favorite person ever. She's vibrant and quirky and dramatic, and she hates forced poetry. A woman after my own heart! This class is the first course for all English majors/concentrations, so everyone there enjoys the subject, which is fabulous. I always feel so comfortable in English classes.

I have this massive gap between English and my next class (4 hours), so I went to visit mom at the store. I helped her cover the service desk break, and then we went to lunch. After that, I went to the off-campus bookstore and purchased 9000 books. I still had 2 hours to kill, so I went to Prospect Park and started reading Nine Stories. A lady walking a dog noticed what I was reading and told me all about her favorite story. She was lovely, and her dog was adorable.

At 4, I had Schooling in a Democratic Society, which is my first education course. It's a 4 hour class, which seemed daunting, but it ended up passing by with relative swiftness. We're required to complete 15 hours of service learning in a Providence public school, which I'm excited about. Guess what we have to do to document and reflect upon this assignment? Write a blog! You have no idea how thrilled I was.

It is September 1st, which marks the meteorological start of fall! I do believe a celebration honoring the autumnal equinox is in order on the 22nd. ;)