Wednesday, July 28, 2010


the machine spits out water
i wonder where it comes from
the same place the sun comes from, i decide
the light coiled in a ray
like a terrible snake
that finds me through the crack
in my bed frame

it must be eight, or nine, even
i have errands but
sink into the mattress
instead, on wednesday morning

i open a bottle over my palm
and dip my nose in water
a half-assed remedy
for an imagined disease
who will i love tomorrow?

a question breeding the sort of
discomfort that lingers
in the pillowcases
that i remove
in the middle of the night

i find them in the morning--
the residue of unfinished dreams
crowding my floor

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is the best thing I've ever seen:

Can we visit? I wish my house had wings, and everyone could come over and we'd fly everywhere.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wishes & Haikus

. I wish I had a little sister.
. I wish I could paint, or draw, or knit.
. I wish I could manage my anger, or at least find the source of it.
. I wish I had a way to make new friends.
. I wish I could be more rational about things.
. I wish I could live inside your head for a day.
. I wish I had a slouchy knit cap to wear in the fall.
. I wish I worried less and smiled more.
. I wish I knew how to be a better person.


i want a boy who
is charmed by choppy haikus
scribbled on my palm

you wrote with me once
miss the way i felt and i
fear it won't return

fumble with my purse
as you roll your eyes and sigh
the tension scares me

warm bath city air
fixated by the fire
a man flings flowers

i will never know
anything except your heart
its beat fills my ear

shuffle to the door
i weep for unknown reasons
collapse to the floor

strangers lurk outside
i hear knock at door and run
my mind is unkind

better this morning
hope one day soon you'll fall in
love with me again

Friday, July 16, 2010


In 3 years, I will move to Portland or Savannah or Missoula or maybe somewhere in Texas.

And stay for a little.
Because I can't do this, whatever this is, for much longer.

Make a cake and fall in love, or something.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Sunday morning, Gina came home and we wrapped Kristin's presents. The picture is foggy because I moved the camera from my -30 degree room to the 900 degree dining room and it got sweaty.

Then we went to North Dartmouth for Kristin's baby shower and it was so CUTE, even if it was very awkward and I kept telling Jared to come because we didn't know anyone. Jared's grandpa dragged out the trash like it was a leashed dog and kept doing the kissy "COME HERE, DOGGY" thing. It was the most adorable and hilarious thing ever. Also, there were really delicious crackers and chicken wings.

After the shower, Gina made Jared keep me, and we saw rock thingies by the water. Which Jared said we could not swim in. Rude.

Then, even though I had no idea where I was, I said "LET'S GO TO CIRCA" because my Circa senses were apparently kicking in and we were literally right in front of the building so we went to Circa. I really need this slot machine, which is ONLY $250. What a baaaaahgin.

Here we have Jared's quest for a cool hat. This one was too small.

Pretty hat boxes.

This train station was evidently used in some sort of movie, and I really wanted to buy it. I don't actually think it's for sale (and it's a bajillion dollars if it is), but how does a store acquire such a thing, and what purpose does it truly serve except for existing?

The creepiest doll ever.

Then I had to pee so we went to Stop & Shop. When we walked down the cracker aisle I remembered how delicious the cracker sticks at Kristin's shower were so I made Jared call his mom and ask what they were. She said she bought them at Job Lot, but I picked up the Stop & Shop version anyway, hoping they'd be similar. They were not. They were also stale and very very bad. I was pissed. I was even more pissed when Jared made fun of me for taking a picture of the cracker and then made up the caption for the photo, as if I'm fucking predictable or some shit. HMPH.

For dinner we ordered Little Chopsticks. After telling Jared how delicious the Sesame chicken is for 5 months straight, he finally got to have it, except this time it was not very good. :(

Then we went to bed and when I woke up I told Jared to make me bacon, but he also made crepes which were very delicious.

I went to work and when I got home I found Sarah, Dylan, and Ian. And we went to my bedroom which Sarah fawned over even though it's an ugly room.

Ian took off his shoes and we all died because it was so smelly and while I was retrieving foot deodorant spray, Dylan kindly used MY deodorant to rub on Ian's feet. Why why why why?

Disturbing flexibility demonstration part II.

I leave you with a video featuring Ms. Kelly's 10th grade lesson of the way "DANK" sounds compared to "marshmallow," as well as the desperate and freaky men of the free chatline.