Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things I love about you/us

-Your obsession with q-tips
-The way you smile sleepily when you wake up & see me a-creepin'
-Your ability to anticipate/predict all my thoughts
-"Shit dude..."
-When you read to Lilly
-You tell me you love me 800x a day because I'm a psychopath and you know I need to be reminded of these things
-Kissing you at red lights
-When you try to create new games but always revert to "chicken + _____" because it's your favorite one
-You always know which flavor of something I secretly want and let me have it even if you want the same thing
-Holding your hand for 3 seconds and then saying "EW I HATE HOLDING HANDS"
-Your willingness to participate in absurd endeavors, like collecting 2700 Slush Puppie points so we can get free things
-When we're sitting somewhere and you feel the overwhelming urge to squeeze the life out of me...and then you do
-Our overly dramatic performance of "textmewhenyougethome"
-The way your eyes look when you laugh

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