Monday, December 13, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Midnight Sunday was spent with Ryan. He loves Willard.

And also me too.

Here you can see Ryan singing Rihanna, yelling "DISPERSE," and performing a scene from Intervention.

Then I woke up, where Jared and I fought on AIM. We love to fight. And by we, I mean I.

Then I donned my worm boots and headed to work. Also, I had a dream that the Chinese baby next door was playing with a worm outside. I cried.

At work, SBHM (smelly boat hat man) came in wearing some sort of orange pod. It covers his entire head except for a small sliver where you can see his eyes and mouth. I have a theory that it's one giant body sock, and this disturbs me greatly. ANYWAY, he told me that if he were alone in a room full of 5 naked beautiful women and myself, he would choose me. Why does this happen to me? Why?

On the bright side, they added my cake to the birthday wall!

My day just kept getting better. Roughly 1 minute before I reached my driveway, my car ran out of gas. It was a monsoon, and I had to wait 80 millions years for AAA to come rescue me.

Then Dylan came over and yelled at me.

He also brought a beautiful pipe that I think is shaped like a rat (Willard), but he swears is a blowfish.

Then we went to see this very scary place in Rehoboth (but possibly Seekonk--the border was unclear). I cannot provide you with details until Ian returns from Ireland and sees it for himself. It must remain a mystery! However, we decided to do this at midnight in the middle of a flood. Here you can see us dying.

Now I am drinking Snapple. This fact freaks me out for some reason.

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