Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Today was Lilly's baptism. I was transporting rice in the passenger seat, so Jared sat in the back. Then he sat in the front and got rice juice all over his pants and it was really quite unfortunate.

Then we went to church and saw Lilly get water on her head.

Jared and I still don't understand how grown, educated adults attend mass and think it's factual/real instead of being exactly like Santa Claus. On the bright side, the church itself was exceptionally beautiful.

I really hope no one saw us do this.

Then we went to the hall. These chocolate lollipops made the cutest centerpieces.

Look and Lilly and her uncle! So adorable.

Then we left early because the entire party was like watching a soap opera. We went back to Jared's house where we acquired a child. Long story short: today is our 9 month anniversary so it was very clear to me that when this mouse fell out of Jared's closet, it symbolized the child I have been secretly carrying inside me throughout the duration of our relationship. Also, when we went to Virginia, we made up an imaginary friend named Willard, who is a rat that loves Jesus, pecan pie, and Internet fetish forums. So...I guess what I'm trying to say is that we're insane and Jared is really good at sewing.

Mother and baby.

Proud father and son.

See ya never.

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Edna said...

Is that rat not me?