Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paper to pen

Today I asked Don if any of our bikes were working. He put air in the tires for me. What a peach!

I think Don was getting a little nostalgic, because when I asked him "wait, how do I do this again?" he told me "pedal fast!" and started to tear up. And then I started to cry. Because I remember him teaching me how to ride a bike; it took me forever, but I'll never forget how it felt when I finally succeeded.

This was when I still needed training wheels. I think they should make adult bikes with training wheels, because I need one very much. They probably do make them, but I'm too afraid to Google image it. PS I wish I still had this outfit.

Note to self: just because you bring your camera everywhere does not mean you should bring it on a bike ride. Attempting to take a picture of a random tree will result in you veering off the road and almost crashing into a fence, resulting in this picture.

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