Sunday, September 12, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

This morning I decorated caramel apples. It was harder than I thought and very, very sticky.

Then Mom and I watched Jersey Shore for 3 hours. Please excuse the random rug burrito littering the floor.

Then we all went to West Warwick to watch football at my aunt's. I made Jared come, and we stopped at Michael's on the way. There was a Paula Deen display. Love her.

Here is Amanda showing off her fangs.

There was a donut cake.

And lots & lots of pictures outside with the little ones.

Jared and I escaped early and headed home, where unspeakable things happened.

Then Ian called and demanded we go to Bank of America with him & Caitrin. So we did, but not before taking pictures. He's leaving for Ireland tomorrow to study abroad for a semester. MY BABY. I will miss him more than I can possibly express. I hope he has a fantastic time.

Now it's time to watch the VMA's with a chai tea latte. Mmmmm. I love coldish weather.

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