Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snapshot Sunday (Snapsonic Sunday)

When I got home from work on Saturday night, I made Jared take us to Sonic, because I really needed cherry limeade.

He was not very pleased, but I made him feign excitement. And then he endured 90 hours of Katy Perry, which I suppose makes him a good boy.

This video features the entire affair, in case you actually care.

Then I slept and went to work, where a man walking out shouted "Bye ladies!" thought about it for a minute, and then added "Do you girls want to play pat-a-cake in the schoolyard?" This is Cristina being mad at me for answering "Sure!"

Halfway through my shift, Gina brought me a watermelon coolatta & bagel twist. Sooo good.

I spent the remainder of my shift spelling things on calculators.


inaeroplanes said...


New England Bites said...

WHERE is there a Sonic around here? I thought the closest to me (I'm in Fall River) was Peabody.

Sprout + Bean said...

There isn't one around here, and it's AWFUL! We drove the hour and a half (from Seekonk) to Peabody. Kind of a waste of gas, but the cherry limeade is worth the trip alone in my opinion!