Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

At midnight, I convinced Jared it was a brilliant idea to come over and make waffles & home fries. This is him holding a spoony thing while babysitting the potatoes.

Pictured above are Jared's delicious home fries with 3 eggos, since my waffles came out with a flavor reminiscent of cardboard soaked in cinnamon-laced sewage.

Here we have Jared insisting that all things must end up in sandwich form (why he used the aforementioned abomination as a vehicle for otherwise scrumptious items is beyond me).


Then we cuddled and fell asleep. All I remember is murmuring something like "ALL I WANT TO DO IS WAKE UP NEXT TO YOU AND SAY HI AND LOVE YOU!"

At approximately 5AM, I heard my mother showering for work. And had a heart attack, because my father would have killed the entire world if he realized Jared "slept over," even though we're married and 80 years old. So bleary-eyed and miserable, I was forced to sneak Jared out and release him into the wild. I'm still not sure why it would be perfectly fine for him to be in my bed at 3, but not at 5. It's like the rising sun makes any form of contact forbidden.

At 4, I went to work. And made this Lost & Found box, which does not fit in the cupboard horizontally, so my life essentially has no purpose.

Raspberry lemonade & losing scratch tickets on break.

I got home at 8:30, where I was greeted by these atrocious boots. They're a "gift" from Mother Dearest, who is determined to make me go to class in spite of 90 inches of rain (worms).

Then I turned around and saw these, which my brother (brimming with excitement) offered me. WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THIS LIFE?!

Kill me now, kill me now, kill me now...I am dead.
^ This is my new theme song. Terribly poetic, no?


inaeroplanes said...

nice pix yo

HiQKid (Alex) said...

You are an absurdly cute couple.

I wish I could fall asleep with my dearest. Sadly, our parents are batshit insane.