Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snapshot Sunday (the longest edition of all time)

At approximately 9:41AM (19 minutes before my shift started), I was greeted by a dead battery.

This made me want to shoot myself.

Luckily, AAA is the best thing to ever exist. They showed up 10 minutes later, and I only got into work a half hour later than scheduled, which meant Jared and I could still go see Harry at the Boston Museum of Science.

This is Boston.

This is me making Jared point to the dinosaur. He appears to be in relatively high spirits; however, he would soon grow to resent my desire to photograph every single thing we encountered.

This is Jared standing in front of a shadow maker.

This is Jared's gorgeous shadow.

"Can we see Indians?" I innocently asked, to which Jared retorted "YOU IDIOTIC FUCK, THERE ARE ONLY INDIANS AT THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY." Lo and behold, dear readers: INDIANS.

Pretty artwork.

This is us getting married on the back of a turtle, only you can't see us. And there was no wedding. :(

This is the dinosaur up close.

This is Jared attempting to stick his head in the dinosaur's mouth, but giving up and yelling at me instead. It was around this time I pointed out a perfectly obedient boyfriend posing in front of a skeleton nearby, which resulted in an "I hate you so much."

I don't actually know what this is, but I took it for Dylan (Edna) because it reminded me of the town at Foxwoods we adore so much.

Little teeny baby chickens! They were so cute and fluffy.

Pretty nighttime light pollution.

Aaaaaaaaaaand Jared hating me/being miserable & tired on the ride home. I think he secretly enjoys my torturous ways.

Now, I present you with the most wonderful closing ceremony:


Edna said...

Can't wait to live in the Urban Mystery Theater.

Anonymous said...

epic ending! :]
love snap shot sundays.