Friday, October 16, 2009


I was observing a kindergarten classroom today. They were instructed to put their crayons on the carpet and their coloring packets in their laps. One little boy in the back was busy playing with his hands and rustling pages. The teacher requested that he stop, but he continued disrupting the class. I honestly don't believe he was doing it on purpose; he seemed like he was elsewhere.

"Miguel, leave."
"What?" He stood up.
"Get out. Go away."
"Why?" His voice wavered.
"WHY?!" he repeated. His face started to scrunch up.
"Miguel, please go away."
"I want to stay!" he cried, "I want to stay..."

I blinked back tears and smiled; a sad mouth full of secrets,
contemplating the places on my fingers
where I tore away too much skin.

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ian said...

AWWW! =( =(

i love the last part of that, by the way.