Saturday, June 27, 2009


My family is going away until September, which is the best thing that could ever possibly happen in my life.

As we all know, I adore playing house. I love cooking and cleaning and watching Oprah and folding laundry. I'm going to persuade my friends to stop by with frequency (for the sole purpose of setting out baked goods on the table).

I'm also hoping to finish my room. I've been "painting" since May, and I still haven't put up the first coat. It's just that I'm horrible at staying in the lines, and I want it to be perfect. It's going to look awful, just as it always has.

In other news, I changed my blog's layout. Opinions?

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HiQKid (Alex) said...

I'm coming over. And we're having baked goods. And painting. And watching a movie.

Damnit, this must happen.

Also: The captcha says "hoebell". I want a bell that calls hoes, I really do. Byeeeee!