Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Whenever I get sick, I get mucus in the back of my nose/throat. AND IT'S SO ANNOYING, because I feel fine otherwise. I'd rather feel nauseous. I think it might have something to do with the time I got swine flu and my tonsils swelled to the size of Africa. The swelling subsided after a while, but not completely. Now they're huge. And they make me snore.

In other news, I had really freaky Nyquil dreams last night. In one of them, my sea monkey escaped from its tank. Then I looked back in the tank and there was a bright red fish. A few seconds later, both the sea monkey AND the fish were out of the tank, and I was freaking out. I somehow managed to corner the fish on the side of the dishwasher, but then it touched my skin and I screamed. All of a sudden it turned into a bird and right as it was about to fly into my face, I woke up. I gasped and looked around my bed for a red bird, but it wasn't there. Dreams are so funny, because I know exactly why I had this dream: 1) Jared informed me yesterday that there are sea monkeys that are like sea monkeys, only they turn into little fish, and 2) I left the top part of my window (which doesn't have a screen) open all day, and for some reason, I was convinced that a bird flew into my room while I was gone and decided to hide under my bed.

Anyway, as of yesterday, Jared and I have been together for an entire year. Seeing as I was convinced I'd be alone forever/I've never dated anyone for more than 6 minutes, this is an accomplishment. We went out and celebrated Sunday since both of us had school/work Monday (even though neither of us ended up going...woops). He took me to Boston where we: walked around, looked at hemp stuff, played tic-tac-toe at Burger King, discovered that I'm obsessed with revolving doors, purchased a $16 headband, learned that Myla Goldberg is an actual person, froze, rode the same elevator 90 times, bought grapes at 7-11, ate delicious Indian food, and missed our movie so we could go home and have sex. Jared keeps apologizing that it wasn't "cute" enough, but I thought it was absolutely perfect and very "us."

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Edna said...

Cute pics. Loveyourfriendmabel.