Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving & Portland


I made turkey cake pops for dessert. Aren't they cute?!

My mother is insane.

The children and I played a very strange game wherein someone was a singer on tour and all of us had to make sure a plastic doll didn't touch the floor.

This illustrates a streak of a child leaping over me with aforementioned plastic doll.

Later that night, Jarbabe came over.

Then we went to Lauren's house where I found a leopard print snuggie, which is my new obsession. Jared and Dylan were not too pleased.


Jared and I left Friday afternoon to spend the weekend in Portland. It should have taken us around 3 hours from Providence, but it ended up taking a lot longer because we took the scenic route.

This obviously paid off--we discovered an old Ames on the way. I used to LOVE Ames. Strangely enough, right before we found this, I asked Jared if he remembered Ames. I assume this is because I am psychic.

Anyway, there was a hotel.

And pumpkin whoopie pies from Two Fat Cats Bakery.

And love. Lots of that.

Also, a bacon candy bar. It was ok, except for the moments after consumption, when random bits of bacon joined together in my mouth to form a circle of bacon fat. OH GOD WHY?!

This is me being excited about going to the bathroom, only to find the most disgusting stalls known to man.

Disgusting bathrooms aside, Portland is the most adorable city to ever exist. Jared and I are moving here immediately.

Did I mention how much I love hotels? Because I do. I want to live inside one.

I think it's because of the ice machine. This is before our journey to obtain a bucket of ice. Do you see how much joy it brings?!

Pretty ocean.

Jared is obsessed with lobsters. I think they're weird and disgusting. My face was disfigured almost the entire meal, as I sat and watched Jared disassemble this poor creature in horror.

I don't really know what happened after that except that we ordered the entire Chili's menu and watched Along Came Polly. This is Jared the next day, about to pee inside a portapotty that hadn't been emptied in a week.

Then we attempted to take a nice, normal picture by the water. But we are not nice, normal people. So instead we have this. I think it's infinitely better.

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was delicious and relaxing!


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The leopard snuggy is outrageous! Looks cozy!