Sunday, September 5, 2010

Snapshot Sunday

Rise and shine, morning glory. He was very upset that I took 9 hours to shower, even though I personally delivered a Keebler cookie in an attempt to snuff his complaining. Moral of the story: if you give a Jared a cookie, he's still mean.

After I screamed at my GPS for a very long time in my driveway (because I neglected to write down the address and thought it would be just as easy to run a search), we finally got to the Liberty Elm Diner, which was only 10 minutes away and not very hard to locate at all. I guess I'm the kind of person who enjoys doing simple things in the most difficult way possible.

Anyway, it was a very cute little place. We opted to seat outside, because it was gorgeous out. There was a very loud and vibrant-sounding Spanish church across the street.

They had a pretty trashcan.

They also offered freshly squeezed lemonade & limeade (in addition to more traditional fare), so Jared and I ordered one of each. I got the lemonade, and it was seriously delicious. It came unsweetened so that we could sweeten it to our liking, and she brought out a squeeze bottle of simple syrup in case we didn't want to use the various types of sugar on the table. I had a grand time swirling in cane sugar packets and squirting syrup into my cup. I also tried Jared's limeade which was just as delish.

I ordered 2 blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon & home fries. These pancakes were massive and loaded with blueberries. They were outstanding. The home fries were well-seasoned and cooked how I like them, but they were a little cold. I'm sure they would have been perfect if they were served hot. The bacon was good, but when has bacon ever been bad? Please note the heartbreaking adorableness of the umbrellas and mini syrup pourer thingy. I considered taking it home, but decided to be nice. Note to self: buy one ASAP.

Jared ordered the breakfast burrito (berry toe) with a side of sausage and home fries. It wasn't in traditional burrito form (much to his chagrin), but he said it was "good...a little on the bland side." He declared the sausage delicious, but wished it came with more than one patty.

After breakfast I dragged Jared along for a ride through Barrington/Warren/Bristol. It was all quite pretty.

We also stopped at this gift shop, which is apparently one of the top 25 gift shops in the country. I've always driven by and wondered what it was, but never took the time to stop. It was pretty impressive--they had a candy store, an ice cream shop, and 3-4 levels of cute, quirky gifts.

And cows. Lots of cows.

So I naturally had to drop $5 on a cow pen. It moos when you press its head. I'm in love.

Then I went to work, where things were verrrrrry slow. And dull.

The biggest event was when Cristina and I investigated why the storage room smelled like a sweaty hot dog. She requested I photograph her pimple, though I'm not sure why.

Then we ordered pizza, which I hid in the locker room so the boys wouldn't steal any.

Now it's time for pillow cuddling and reading.
Hope your Labor Day weekend was a fun one!


Edna said...

<3 Two guys? Delish.

Sprout + Bean said...

Nope...Rehoboth House of Pizza! It tastes like Chuck E. Cheese. No lie.

New England Bites said...

OMG, I have to get inside of that gift store now. I've been dying to go, but too lazy to find a parking space. I just drive by it and sigh.

... and nice food review!!!!


New England Bites said...

Just spent $29 here on a lobster, pig magnets, candy, and a shot glass. Loved it.

Laura :)