Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snapshot Sunday (Valentine edition)

Woke up early to make Jared a card.

While doing so, CJ managed to invade my bed. He refused to leave.

Jared gave me this. And roses. And CDs. And a million other perfect things, which evoke both gratitude and guilt.

Then we went to Boston to have delicious Chinese at this adorable 50's inspired restaurant. Which sounds/is strange, but it was obviously the best thing in the world.

And then this happened:

I mean, seriously? How am I supposed to not DIE of perfection overload when the cutest boy in the world serenades me with The Decemberists? In conclusion, this was the best night ever/the only Valentine's Day that did not suck. I hope all of you had a lovely day. :)


Jared said...

Ugh you did NOT upload that video!

Sprout + Bean said...

Hahaha, I totally did. It is wonderful!

HiQKid (Alex) said...

Oh, my God, so amazing and adorable and you're so lucky and I'm glad you met him, dear.

And don't feel guilty! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...