Friday, January 22, 2010


I remodel my room approximately 4 times per year. I'm not sure why I thought this barn shade of red was a good idea, or why it made sense to install faulty imitation hardwood instead of a carpet. All I know is that it USED to be hideous, but now it's quite pretty. The flash makes the shade of purple seem brighter than it actually is. I still need to hang up some artwork and branches I bought from Urban, but I'm pretty much done! I kind of want to put a bookcase near the bed, but I think it might be too crowded. We'll see.




Edna said...

Loves it!

lycan said...

I like the color and the layout. very calming and soothing colors

Sprout + Bean said...

Thank you, dearies! I'm not sure who you are Lycan, but thanks for commenting. :)