Sunday, September 20, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

As I attempted to photograph my delicious home fries, Max decided it was best to pounce on them instead.

After breakfast, I helped CJ create an acronym for his science class homework.

Then I organized my desk drawer. It's full of supplies I have little use for, but they're so lovely to look at!

I desperately wanted to go back to bed, but I had to go to work.

So I did.

We finally found the tape for the nametag maker, so I made myself a few new ones.

I was bored, so I pulled out all of the 5 cent bottle return slips to illustrate that many people redeem them (and not just you, dear boy).

This activity was interrupted once I spotted my most favorite man ever. I had Cristina pretend I was photographing her while I zoomed in on him. He is the most divine man you will ever meet! We're making much progress in our relationship. He asked for my first name, and I asked for his. It's Armand. Perfect.

Later on in the evening, I organized the junk drawer. It was ungodly satisfying.

This is Cristina being adorable.

This is the man that made Cristina's heart stop beating. He didn't say goodbye to us, though, so her love for him diminished.

As our night came to an end, I balanced the lottery. It was even. Hooray!

Then I walked to my car, and creepily took a photo of it. I'm pretty sure the people in the car behind me were noting my odd behavior and cracking up.

The End.

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