Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paint it black

As you all know, I'm a freak. Every time I go to the bathroom, I look at the shower. And I see this:
And the first time I noticed it, I thought "Hm. That looks oddly sexy. I want to stare at it all day. If I ever get a house, I want everything to be black and white." And then today, in the shower, I reached for the shampoo and cracked up because it really does look sexy, and I'm nuts.

I also painted my toenails black. Every time I look at them, I get aroused. Feet generally gross me out, so I guess the color black must really do it for me. This is bothersome.

The only reasonable explanation is that I have some sort of obsessive issue. For instance, I have been listening to ONLY The Decemberists for the past 2 months. I can't stop. On the bright side, my shirt finally came in, and it's beautiful.

I'm also very fixated with the idea of my closet being organized, which is actually a good thing.

In conclusion, I am making an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow.
That is all.


HiQKid (Alex) said...

Good luck with the doc.
Also, cute toes and shirt.

Also, be well, lovely.

ian said...

i like your toenails, love the shirt, your closet looks nice, and i miss staring at that shower while i take a shit.