Friday, July 17, 2009


This summer has been relatively dull, but relaxing. Having the house to myself is wonderful; it has also been the cause of my latest obsession with baking.

I'm looking forward to the Fall semester- I'll be taking lots more English classes, and I'll be applying to the Feinstein School of Education. I can't wait until I have a classroom of my own!

I want to be in love more than anything. I realized the other day that if I'm constantly searching for someone, I'm bound to overlook some of the amazing people who are already part of my life. I did meet a great guy, though. He has the most beautiful daughter, and we all know I've always wanted someone with a baby to mooch off of! Here's a picture of little Melody.
Isn't she such a doll? I could just eat her up!

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HiQKid (Alex) said...

Aw, glad to see another post from you!
I really do love you, you know.

And I miss you terribly. I wish I could figure out why you're always so mad at me.


Be well, dear.