Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snapshot Sunday (Easter Edition)

Today was a good day. I love my family, and I wish I spent more time with them. I left my camera at home, so all the photos I'm posting are of horrible quality. Oh well- such are the limitations of the cell phone camera.

Delicious fruit for breakfast.
(Confession: this was taken a few days ago,
but is identical to today's version)
Mom bought me this planner for Easter. I'm the
most unorganized person ever, but I adore
things like calanders/charts/paper clips. Go figure.
Max received a new bed. Isn't he perfect?Uncle Frankie's girlfriend brought this cutie over.
We fell deeply in love.
Uncle Frankie & Auntie Debbie shared a moment
of sibling tenderness, tarnished by
Uncle Mark's impulsive intrusion.

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